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Blue Hill Inn Open House

The Blue Hill Inn had its seasonal Open House party last night from 5-7PM. The 260 year old inn was jam-packed with well-wishers despite the inclement weather. Upon arrival, guests discarded slickers and brollies for name tag stickers that made it easy to mix, mingle, and make new friends as well as greet old chums. There were easily a hundred attendees with only an inch or two of wiggle room between guests at the height of the party. This was the social event of the week if not the season. 

Hostess Sarah Pebworth was radiant in a tres glam black & white zebra print dress and knee high boots. The innkeeper kept her guests supplied with wine and a wonderful array of hors d’oeuvres freshly made in the Blue Hill Inn’s kitchen. 

The real star of the Open House was the inn itself. This gorgeous 1840 building is as inviting as ever. The rooms we saw made us want to spend the night in this historic home. High-stepping poster beds looked mighty comfy. And in the morning there is a gourmet breakfast awaiting your pleasure in the inn’s restaurant. We left the party in full swing dreaming of a return visit for a romantic weekend sometime soon.

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RED (again) at Isalos

Friday, February 12th – another packed opening at Isalos Gallery in Stonington for their second RED show in honor (or celebration, or NOT) of Valentine’s Day. Lots of wonderful paintings, some cool jewelry by J Fred Woell, and many, many RED outfits!   Some of the other artists in this show include Sarah Doremus, John Wilkinson, Patricia Wheeler, Sherry Streeter, Carolyn Caldwell, Bruce Bulger, Farrell Rupert, and Barbara Brady – to name a few.

The best of show (outfit) goes to Meghan Dewey-Wood for her clever use of playing cards and a slinky red dress. Michael and Rebecca Daugherty postponed a trip south to open this show, so check it out before it’s too late.

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Pearson Legacy Gallery opening

Thursday, February 11th – another packed house at Pearson Legacy Gallery in Deer Isle!  Carolyn Hecker does it again with a show titled “Reflections.”  Over 40 artists in the show – shoulder to shoulder crowd.  My favorite painting will remain a secret…  Gallery hours are Thurs – Sun 12-5.

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February First Friday – Portland, ME

I’ve rented a new studio space at a place called OPEN CONCEPTS in Portland.  I moved in the last week of January, and was able to participate in February’s First Friday open studio there.  I had about eight new paintings, and some found object jewelry in the show.  The best part for me was the chance to meet new people, and show my work to a whole new crowd.  All of my new studio mates are great, and I think it was a really good move.  If you get to Portland, get in touch with me to see if I can give you a private studio tour…

Here’s one of my new paintings from the Ladder series. Check my website for more images.

“Three Ladders” acrylic & plaster on panel. 6x6 inches. ©2010

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Jill Hoy & Eric Hopkins at Thos Moser in Freeport

Whew!  what a crowd at the opening of a Elemental Rhythms, a group exhibition at Thos Moser in Freeport, on Thursday January 28th.  Bitter cold didn’t deter people from turning out to sip wine, see some great art and meet the artists.   It was a treat to see Jill, mid-winter, radiant and happy to be at the opening. The show featured the work of our own Stonington fave Jill Hoy, as well as North Haven’s Eric Hopkins, and including new work by Tom Curry, Michele Dangelo and Gifford Ewing.   Also introducing the work of Portland artist, Debra Yoo.  The show is up through March 31, 2010.

“Bakeman Barren Golden Rod” by Jill Hoy, oil on canvas, 36” x 48”

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Ice Bar at Portland Harbor Hotel

January 30, 2010:  I just spent an amazingly cold hour-plus at the Ice Bar at Portland Harbor Hotel.  I went with a friend, on one of the coldest nights in January, but even so – WHAT FUN!  There were scores of people waiting for the “privilege” of being outside in 14° F temps and drinking, while listening to 80s music! Entering through the hotel parking garage entry, we were able to avoid waiting in the long lines – only to be assaulted by really, really LOUD MUSIC, THRONGS OF PEOPLE, and COLD. That’s not to say that is wasn’t a total blast to be in the thick of things…

Inside – actually OUTSIDE – at the Ice Bar, it was a couple hundred shoulder-to-shoulder people, and music so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think – but I have to say I wouldn’t trade it for anything on a Saturday night in Portland in January!  I had a great “imitation” Cosmo – the bartender told me he’d have to “fake it” but it was A-OK as far as I was concerned.

If you get to Portland next January check it out!

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