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Red Dot Welcomes 3 New Artists

Deer Isle’s Red Dot Gallery is welcoming 3 new artist members for the 2010 season: Katy Allgeyer recognized for her fine art mixed media paintings using nautical charts and maps embedded into her canvases, Leslie Anderson known for her fine art landscapes as the “Paint Your View” lady, and GiGi Sarsfield of Handmade Papers that are used in artist’s books, lampshades, and other fine crafts. A reception to introduce the artists will be held June 18th at Red Dot Gallery in Deer Isle from 4-7PM during the Deer Isle Third Fridays Gallery Hop. You’re invited to come meet the artists and see the work of all 10 artist members.

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Island Lights Features 4 Island Artists

Lighthouse Weekend on Deer Isle had many special events. One of those was an art exhibition featuring lighthouse art work by 4 island artists. Geoffrey Warner, Susan Huot, and Scott Morgan joined Katy Allgeyer at her gallery for the “Island Lights” exhibition. Here are some photos from that event including a closeup of Susan Huot’s “Joy” (Pumpkin Island Lighthouse):

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