Blue Hill Inn Open House

The Blue Hill Inn had its seasonal Open House party last night from 5-7PM. The 260 year old inn was jam-packed with well-wishers despite the inclement weather. Upon arrival, guests discarded slickers and brollies for name tag stickers that made it easy to mix, mingle, and make new friends as well as greet old chums. There were easily a hundred attendees with only an inch or two of wiggle room between guests at the height of the party. This was the social event of the week if not the season. 

Hostess Sarah Pebworth was radiant in a tres glam black & white zebra print dress and knee high boots. The innkeeper kept her guests supplied with wine and a wonderful array of hors d’oeuvres freshly made in the Blue Hill Inn’s kitchen. 

The real star of the Open House was the inn itself. This gorgeous 1840 building is as inviting as ever. The rooms we saw made us want to spend the night in this historic home. High-stepping poster beds looked mighty comfy. And in the morning there is a gourmet breakfast awaiting your pleasure in the inn’s restaurant. We left the party in full swing dreaming of a return visit for a romantic weekend sometime soon.

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